Conversation With Charlie

The life story of Charlie Wysocki is one of tragedy and triumph. It's a story of Charlie's incredible human spirit. You will learn how he has survived mental illness and has gone on to live a productive life against all odds.

Take a journey through Charlie's life story in an interactive conversation as Charlie's good friends and Maryland teammates, Dr. Mark Sobel and Dave Pacella help Charlie tell his story in a "Conversation With Charlie". You will experience a variety of emotions as Charlie's story unfolds only to be uplifted and encouraged about yourself and others. This is truly a conversation you want to have with Charlie.


Charlie would like to thank his treatment team from northeast counciling services

  • Sean Carroll and Matt Poorman (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists)
  • Gary Grandinetti (Blended Case Manager)
  • Jamie Bechtel (Psychotherapist)
  • Chaz Schnappauf (Coordinator of Adult Outpatient Services)
  • Joseph Mule (Licenced Psychologist)
You guys are more important to Charlie that you will ever know. He owes you a lot.
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